About Minibrilla

Sunglasses for kids - the collections mirrors the latest trends in fashion for sunglasses.

For your kids safety

All of our sunglasses comply with the requirements of the European market in accordance with standard EN ISO 12312-1:2022 (Sunglasses for general use). They are always marked with a CE logo which guarantees full UV protection according to UV400. The only thing that is more important to us (than to make your children look fantastic) is to protect them 😎

Why settle for less than the best? Minibrilla offers an assortment of models that is as natural on the beach as on the playground. The collections are for children aged about 0-11 years but of course we are all different; Try them on to find your child's perfect match.

There are five different levels for how effectively the glass filters UV light

Filt.cat. 0 – the protection is insignificant

Filt.cat. 1 – the glare protection is small

Filt.cat. 2 – a decent protection that works for everyday life

Filt.cat. 3 – works out on the lake, the beach and vacationing abroad

Filt.kat. 4 – excellent protection for very strong sunlight conditions, for example on high mountains or glaciers.