For your kids's safety

Our kids's sunglasses always have 100% UV protection

Our kid’s eyes are much more sensitive to UV rays. They let in 75% more of the sun's rays than an adult and kids under the age of 10 are the most sensitive. Therefore, all our kid’s sunglasses give a 100% UVA and UVB protection as they comply with the requirements of the European market.

Our sunglasses for children are always marked with CE logo in the frame and it guarantees adequate protection against UV radiation according to UV400. The sunglasses comes in filter category 3, which guarantees adequate protection in Swedish outdoor environments.



There are five different levels for how effectively the glass filters UV light: 0 – the protection is insignificant 1 – the glare protection is small 2 – a decent protection that works for everyday life 3 – works out on the lake, the beach and vacationing abroad

Filt.kat. 4 – excellent protection for very strong sunlight conditions, for example on high mountains or glaciers.


Choose 100% UV-protection for your kids safety.  

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